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Charting was started in the ancient days of Hippocrates, to maintain a record of the history of disease in the family, as the family record and their medication involved as a health record.
The easy way to maintain information on one's health record, instead of a health journal could be a health record, or as an emergency card details as a book, which contains all health and medicine record of a patient, all information recorded would be stored permanently and at no time would it be changed or deleted.
Charting helps in having a record of an individual his history of health, medicines that the individual is allergic, because there are instances when an individual would have to meet a number of doctors for various reasons, example, a patient might have diabetes as well as a CHD so the patient would have to meet two different doctors, for his check-ups and medications as well, to keep track of all that is being advised by the doctors and have a note on what are the measures and medicines that need to be taken in emergency. This would also helps the doctors for easier diagnoses.
Charting is made easy as it could be used anywhere than the ancient method of writing it on papers and typing the same involving a long procedure to maintain the same was difficult especially at times of emergency to looking up for details was not so easy, which impacted the medications and the doctor's efficiency with the introduction of charting the patient details are easy to manage and usable at any point of time making work easier and efficient.
Charting also makes it viable for the physician to look at the patient details at just a click, and have them updated when necessary this helps in analyzing the patient's interaction with the drugs and its effects the allergies and effects of the same charting helps the physician to rightly diagnose the drugs and its dosages without a second thought of glaring into scribbled notes.
Charting is maintained at all practices where the patient visits, Charting has easy access and recent updates which helps the physician to keep track of the recent medications and diagnosis depending on all these factors it makes it easier and simpler for a physician to take the next step in medications.
Charting is updated and edited only by an authorized personal which makes the patient details confidential and secured which cannot be tampered.
Charting proves to be accurate and efficient to complete the task that would take days into minutes and easier to handle and maintain.
How does charting work?
Inputs into charting are online, which gets updated spontaneously, hence caregivers in different locations could have these information up to date, which results in efficient care given by the practice as well as the physician.
Our Role
At Binary Spectrum we develop software which enables to capture the required information and allows easy search options to utilize information when needed.
Well if you are interested in outsourcing software development or would like to find out more about our services and offerings, please get in touch with us. A senior member of our Business team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
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