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eInsight Business Process Manager

eInsight Business Process Manager
The Business Process Designer runs as a component within Enterprise Designer. Business Process definitions, components, and deployment profiles are stored in the Java CAPS Repository. The eInsight Engine, which coordinates all Business Process related activity of a deployed project, runs within the Java CAPS Integration Server. Web-based Business Process monitoring is available throughout Enterprise Manager, which provides an interface to access current instance data.
There are two phases of Business Process management. The first phase, design, begins before you start using eInsight and ends once the Business Process is deployed. The second phase is called runtime, refers to the tasks that you perform after the Business Process is deployed.
Business Process Designer
The Business Process Designer serves as the front-end design tool used to create a visualization of your business workflow and increase understanding of the Business Processes involved.
The eInsight Business Process Designer comprises of
Project Explorer
Displays a hierarchical representation of all the Business Process models and related Java CAPS components. This view shows what is currently displayed on the modeling canvas.
Business Process Designer
Used to graphically create the Business Process model in the form of an activity diagram.
Business Process Monitoring and Management
Once Business Processes are up and running, the Enterprise Manager provides visibility into the state of each Business Process Activity. This interface allows organizations to monitor and manage all aspects of the Business Process.
The actions that you can perform on a Business Process from the Enterprise Manager are called Business Process Management tasks.
The Java Composite Application Platform Suite has a wide range of functions that it shares with all of the suite products, including the following.
Resource Management
The suite uses a distributed and open architecture that enables components to access system resources (memory and processing power) as needed and in conjunction with other components.
The suite provides a security module for eView Studio, to fulfill security needs such as user authentication and authorization of access to eView Studio functions and to the functions of the indexing applications created by eView Studio.
Repository storage and access
The setup, component, and configuration information for the elements of a Project, including database scripts, application files, runtime files, and related eView Studio components, are stored in the Repository.
Deployment abilities
The suite provides deployment profiles that contain all the information necessary to activate an eView Studio Project and deploy the indexing applications to the server. When a deployment profile is activated, the eView Studio master indexes are deployed to the server, enabling access to the database
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