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Portal Server and the Java Composite Application Platform Suite

The Sun Portal Server is part of the Sun Java Enterprise System (Java ES).
Portal Server Features and Benefits
Identity-based content delivery
Based on a users identity, services such as access control, policy enforcement, and single sign-on support is delivered using the sun portal integrated Identity management capability thereby improving the personalized touch.
that are editable using the toolbar can be created from within a Portlet by the user. This is beneficial as it improves team productivity.
File Sharing
is possible for multiple members within a group. This enhances sharing and participation among members of a group.
Community/group calendars
can be created, updated and used to track status of on going projects. This contributes towards effective project management.
Community polls and surveys
can be created by users to help collective decision making process.
Secure Remote access
to community resources, for example, e-mail, calendars, address books, conference calling, files, and Portlets.
Convenient portal administration
simplifies administration and helps administrators focus on delivery of business value of the enterprise.
Content Management System
includes a full, unrestricted Fat-Wire license for creating, managing, and delivering content.
Inter portlet communication
helps Portlets to share information with each other, allowing them a greater degree of flexibility.
Full-text search engine
with federated search and taxonomy capabilities helps bring results from Multiple search engines, as well as enterprise information repositories and databases.
Service oriented architecture (SOA)
is provided by application design helps deliver relevant services based on identity.
The Sun Portal Server supports the following Java CAPS applications
Arrow a message destination and an external application or
Arrow two message destinations or
Arrow two external applications having a publication and subscription relationship between them.
Collaboration Definitions define the logical operation taking place in the related Collaboration. Based on an Object Type Definition, It is usually created in the Java Configuration Editor.
Object Type Definitions are a set of rules that describe the
Arrow Messages propagated through eGate Integrator, and the methods available for operating on them.
Arrow Interactions with external APIs.
Created using the OTD Wizard, OTDs can function as instances in eGate Collaboration definitions, or as services in eInsight Business Process Manager.
A Message Destination is a container for stored data, and can follow either the topic or queue JMS model.
Logical connection between external systems (applications or protocols) and a service are provided an eWay Intelligent Adapter.
Two main graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are provided by the eGate Integrator.
Arrow Enterprise Designer
is used by resources involved in the designing and configuration of projects for integrating systems and developing composite applications using web services.
Arrow Enterprise Manager
which is a web browser-based interface used by system administrators to manage all aspects of the run-time environment.
Enterprise Designer
By using the Enterprise Designer GUI, you can develop Projects to process and route data between external applications or systems. The GUI consists of two panels,
Arrow Enterprise Explorer on the left, and an
Arrow Editor panel on the right
When a component is selected in the enterprise explorer, the editor panel on the left displays the editors related to the selected component. The figure shows the connectivity Map editor where the logical components of a project can be created and connected. You can drag and drop the various collaborations, intelligent Queues and eWay adapters on to a connectivity Map and the eGate Integrator will use this map to intuitively configure the end to end flow of messages within an integration scenario.
jcaps egate
Enterprise Manager
The Enterprise Manager is a Web based interface which enables a system admin to manage JAVA CAPS applications for both the schema Runtime Environment (SRE) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE).
Similar to the Enterprise Designer GUI, the Enterprise manager also has two panels
Arrow An Explorer panel on the left and
Arrow A Details Panel on the right.
The flexibility of the eGate Integrator system allows it to communicate with and link multiple applications and databases across a variety of operating systems. eGate Integrator performs in both real-time and batch (scheduled) integration modes.
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