August 02, 2006

RFID Application Areas - Proof of Delivery Application


Avoidance or reduction of invoice deductions and in-time resolution of claim disputes through timely availability of accurate details regarding delivery of products at warehouse or retailer.

Solution Approach
  • Attach RFID tags to products at a palette, case or item level at manufacturer’s place and prepare the advance shipment notice (ASN) based on the products being shipped and not based on the pick list.
  • At Retailer’s backstore/ warehouse receiving, read the RFID tags attached to products
  • Based on the RFID tag reads prepare an electronic proof of delivery (POD) note and send it instantly to the supplier or transporter.
  • Verify if there are deviations between ASN and POD and resolve the causes before invoice is prepared
  • Manufacturers and suppliers save immensely due to reduction in invoice deductions by more timely and accurate information, even in cases of dispute.

  • Resolution of claims becomes easier as difference between a ASN and POD may point to handling inefficiencies or shrinkages in transit.
  • An accurate ASN and POD leads to smooth receiving, payment and inventory management at retailer’s end
  • The possibility of invoice and PO matching will be high leading to improved labor productivities at both supplier and retailer end.




July 07, 2006

Enhance operational efficiencies through RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been dubbed as a revolutionary technology which will transform the way supply chains operate in all the industry segments worldwide, by using intelligent electronic tags instead of bar codes attached to products.

For those who are new to this technology, RFID is an automatic identification and data capture technology wherein an electronic device called as ‘Reader’ uses radio waves to capture digital data from a miniature electronic circuit with data storage capability called as ‘RFID tag’ or smart label.

An RFID tag stores data like product or person id etc. RFID technology has been in use for years now in some business areas like security, automotive and paint manufacturing, military operations, crowd control in games and books in libraries. Read More