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Binary Spectrum, a Microsoft Gold certified partner and a member of the Sun Partner Advantage Program has years of expertise in designing and developing custom software and integrated solutions, the services include device integration and, help desk management, inventory and stock control, manufacturing requirement process, client appointment management, document reference and encyclopedia search engines.
Binary Spectrum specializes in designing and developing innovative e-commerce solutions for small to medium sized companies. We combine best-of-breed technologies with the still-valuable components of legacy systems to help our customers accomplish business goals.
Binary Spectrum utilizes and upgrades its technical values suiting the requirement of the clients resulting in an efficient and effective control on cost and time.
Our focus areas are Application Development , Information Technology & Support.
Application development
Application development includes Turnkey web based solutions, client server applications, and enhancements to legacy applications.
Binary Spectrum specializes in the development and implementation of proven Internet technologies. If your needs extend beyond a simple Internet presence, Binary Spectrum has the know-how to integrate your business enterprise applications with other critical systems throughout your organization.
Information Technology
Binary Spectrum has identified key areas in which we provide customers with our services. The following areas demonstrate where we can offer you our proven expertise and experience.
Systems Development
System integration enables developing information systems through a process investigating the requirements, analyzing and designing through implementing the requirements and maintaining the same, this process consists of various methodologies following a definite stage.
- Enterprise Application Integration
- This feature enables planning, methods, and tools aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise.
- Data Security and Privacy
Every business captures and works with a lot of confidential information keeping this in mind the application that is developed at Binary Spectrum enables every detail and information secured maintaining its confidentiality through role base access and authorization.
Customization / Reengineering
Examines the goals of an organization and redesigns the work and business processes, from the than automating existing tasks and functions.
Database migration
Migrating data from the client / server requires business and software reengineering as the database remains as the foundation of the client / server transactions, the database management system of the existing database is reversed engineered to the redesigned database and the new database is created.
Functionality upgrades
Updating the application to the present need of the client serving at the right note of solution that is needed by the growing industrial needs.
Version upgrade services
The components that are designed for re-use are established between the developer and the user, the release control system supports and maintains the older versions of the entity while the user slowly upgrades to the latest version the older versions are grouped as re-usable that are managed and controlled as the new versions take control.
The validated information of the software which functions in a different computing environment.
Porting is usually required because of differences in the O.S and the interfaces or different hardware or because of subtle incompatibilities or even complete absence of—the programming language used on the target environment.
Different levels of product support are available regardless of user base location. Documented user and support material which can be supplied as printed media or as Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF documents supplied on the product CD-ROM or even available for download from dedicated product web pages.
Well if you are interested in outsourcing software development or would like to find out more about our services and offerings, please get in touch with us. A senior member of our Business team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
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