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Application development and Maintenance

Application development, Outsource Application Development, Software development, IT Consulting, Ecommerce, Business Intelligence solutions at Binary spectrum Offshore Center
By virtue of our previous experience in handling Application Development and maintenenace projects at our offshore Extended Development Center , we have evolved the set of following guidelines:
1. Program Management:
Any software project requires a high degree of collaboration within the team and with the Client. Software projects, which have on-site and offshore development components, require collaboration of an even higher degree. These are the various components required to enable effective collaboration between the onsite and offshore teams as to ensure that the software application is delivered in the shortest possible time frame with the acceptable levels of quality.
The basic requirements are as follows:
a. Project Team info rmation
Who is on the project, What are their roles and responsibilities, the working hours for the various team members, contact details - like telephone numbers, Skype ids, MSN Instant messenger ids etc. This is normally published as part of the project documentation and held in the document repository.
b. Artifacts repository
Contains all the artifacts created by the team, with info rmation about the creator, reviewer, date. This is usually an implementation of a version control / management system - e.g. of such tools are ClearCase Multi site. In cases where we have not implemented a tool like ClearCase Multi-site, we would have a configuration management tools running at both (all) locations. The artifact repository would then be a static image of the configuration management system. The repository would allow role-based access to the artifacts. Artifacts that would be included in this repository would be all project documents (Project Plan, schedule, Requirements, Design Documents, Code, Test Cases, Test Results, etc). All Status reports would also be available here.
c. Change Management System
There would be a web based change management system similar to the web tracker that is being currently used. This is used for tracking all bugs, changes to the applications.
d. Project Tracking tools
There are various industry strength project-tracking tools available in the market. There are also service providers who host applications providing such services.
2. Process Tailoring:
We have a well-defined delivery process, which is very well suited for distributed development environment (i.e., Onsite - Offshore Model). This methodology is a result of experience of multiple projects executed over the years. We are flexible to tailor our distributed development process to suit it to the Client's needs and requirements.
3. Risk Management:
i) Attrition issues
Binary Spectrum would ensure that the attrition rate is kept to the minimum and there is a proper knowledge management system in place.
ii) Orientation for Client requirements
Binary Spectrum will facilitate a workshop that will ensure the Binary Spectrum personnel, assigned to the EDC, become familiar with the requirements of the Client.
5. Communication
Binary Spectrum will ensure that the communication between EDC and Client is streamlined. This would involve the following ?Communication infrastructure: Setting up the communication infrastructure for the EDC. Communication Protocol: Setting up the communication protocol between EDC and Client.
Escalation Points :
Escalation matrix will be set up between Binary Spectrum and Client for the escalation of issues, so that there is quick resolution of the issues.
6. Reporting structure and hierarchy:
The Client EDC will be headed by the Client Relationship Manager reporting directly to the Client US office. The development team will be reporting to the Client Project Manager and will be working under his directions and guidance. The Client Project Manager will be reporting to the Client Relationship Manager.
In case, the Client chooses to use Binary Spectrum's Project Manager and Technical architect, He may do so for the initial 6-8 weeks, then the Clients Project Manager will work with the Binary Spectrum Project Manager and Technical Architect in managing the team and delegating work to the appropriate members of the team.
Well if you are interested in outsourcing software development or would like to find out more about our services and offerings, please get in touch with us. A senior member of our Business team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
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