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Healthcare Focus Areas - State Licensure

State Medical Boards across the United States administer the system of licensure at the state level. While every state has a law or statute specifying the requirements of physicians for licensure, not all states specify explicitly their legal policy regarding telemedicine. Twenty states have passed laws or regulations that require physicians to be fully licensed to practice traditional medicine or telemedicine in the state where the patient they are treating resides. The State Medical Boards are interested in maintaining individual state licensure is because they generate revenue through licensing fees. If licensure fell under the auspices of another agency or organization, or was administered on another level of government, the SMB's would lose that income and their power.

Consulting Exceptions

Allowing "consultations" in another state at the request of a referring physician in that state.


State boards grant licenses to health professionals in other states that have equivalent standards. Healthcare professionals apply for a license of endorsement.

Mutual Recognition

Licensing authorities voluntarily enter into an agreement to legally accept the policies and processes of a licensee's home state.


States negotiate agreements among themselves to recognize licenses issued by other states without a further review of credentials.


A healthcare professional would inform the authorities of another state that s/he wishes to practice there part-time, thereby submitting to the authority and jurisdiction of that state.

Limited Licensure

A modification of the current system. Limited licenses would allow a single license for specific health services, limiting the scope of practice.

National Licensure

A standardized test for licensure either administered on the state or Federal level.

Federal Licensure

One license for healthcare professionals issued by the Federal government based on federally established standards
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