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Practice Management System (PMS)

The PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS) is used to deal with the day-to-day operations of a medical practice. It is a Scheduling and Billing functionality centric system wherein its users can capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payers, perform billing tasks, and generate reports using it.
Binary Spectrum specializes in developing Practice management software meant for use in small and medium sized practices. Our range of practice management software solutions is spread over desktop, client server, web based configurations. The system is capable of billing claims for a variety of medical specialties, and can process HIPAA-ready electronic claims to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, any clearinghouse or directly to the insurance carriers.
The Practice Management Application will help automate your office at a cost effective price. And with our enhanced version of Medical Practice Management System, you can be sure that Binary Spectrum's Practice management System (PMS) can serve your organization, regardless of the size of your practice or the number of locations you wish to manage.

Practice Management System Core Functionality

The following are the major benefits of using PMS in healthcare organization.
Restricts access to data and system functions - based on user and/or group settings - with built-in multi-level security
Create a variety of internal data codes, including fee schedule, modifier, payment and visit codes
medical patient software Reminder notes for physicians and staff
Multiple locations can be managed as one company or individually by easily switching databases
Share data with other Windows-based applications
Multiple windows can be opened simultaneously
Automates your patients' visits with minimal required keystrokes, from patient check-in to scheduling follow-up appointments.
Streamlines many of your most time consuming tasks through the system's integrated workflow management - increasing office productivity and providing a greater return on investment.
Improves current account revenue by reducing denied claims via the software's advanced claim scrubbing technology.
Generates reports that can identify your most popular and profitable procedures, top referring physicians, outstanding accounts receivable and more.
Manages a variety of critical patient data, including demographic details, insurance information, billing history and more.
Easily integrated with EMR while addressing tasks of scheduling, billing and coding
Imports Remittance using Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
Manage Collections and Payments
Automate Charge Entries and Print Super Bill
Checks for Quality Assurance
Compliance to standards like HIPAA, HL7, CPT and ICD codes

Benefits of Practice Management:

Meets ARRA requirements
Well integrated workflows
Automates the entire process to save your precious time and efforts
Allows customization for ease of use
Pro-active monitoring of practice health
Powerful search engine to know the patient visit schedule, slot availabilities for providers in day, week and month modes and locate the patient
Reduces claim submission errors
Well if you are interested in outsourcing software development or would like to find out more about our services and offerings, please get in touch with us. A senior member of our Business team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
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