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Binary Spectrum has its expertise in developing healthcare applications to help the speeding development in the healthcare industry, challenging critical demands for data protection and exchange between practices and its users ( providers, patients and employees ) with the motive of efficiency and productivity, while achieving quality care and maximum customer satisfaction.
With an on-growing experience Binary Spectrum specializes in creating health care patient portals that are user friendly and efficient. The healthcare portal segment leverages upon the module requirements by the practice, its providers and patients. These modules are created in order to meet the requirement by grouping it into different types of healthcare portals. The healthcare portals that are designed at Binary Spectrum provide various services from a single platform meeting the individual's need.

Healthcare Patient Portal Features:

The healthcare portals work for different categories such as:

For Physicians:

The physicians would be able to view information on improving health care, managing healthcare information, reducing medical errors through a vast availability of information needed by the provider or assistance, strengthening the relationship between the physician and hospital making it more efficient to interface and make work more simplified, enhancing an effective relationship between the patients, distributing data through a secure mode and obliging to HIPAA.

For Patients:

With the race in development of technology, the patient or the consumer would prefer to have a direct contact with their provider for many reasons for which these patient portals holds well. The patient portal allows access to the patient's provider through secure messaging, and the facility to view the clinical data and access the relevant data in accordance to health information and instructions provided to carry out as daily activities.
The patient portal allows the patient to book online appointments, viewing the availability of the provider and the convenience of the patient, which makes appointment scheduling simpler, and alerting the physician on the same. Patients would be able to renew or request for pharmacy refills, which would be authorized by the provider, which allows the patient to have this procedure done at their convenience rather than visiting the clinic for the same. Billing information or payment option is also accessible by the patient tracing the history of payments and its payable amount via the patient portal.

For Employee:

In order to have their workflow smooth the employees have their work set on the healthcare portal similar to the physicians. The healthcare portal helps the employees to manage the scheduling of the patients and resources as needed, send and receive messages from the physician and upload the task and statuses as required.


Authentication allows the employee or an individual working for the facility access the healthcare portal, having a login Id and password, which allow the individual to use data pertaining to him or her alone.


The authorization enables a limited access to the healthcare portal information, where the individual (patient) accessing the portal with an ID and password, in order to access
Medical Patient Portal The individual’s health records
Hospital Physician Portal The physician’s availability to schedule an appointment
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