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Clinical Information Management (CIM) System

Our CLINICAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (CIM) Solutions provides organizations a varied range of integrated applications that extends to all clinical departments and automates the administrative and clinical documentation tasks. This enables the clinicians to focus on providing high-quality patient care, instead of managing patient information. The flexible application also allows the organizations to configure the system to meet the needs of their physicians, nurses, and other care providers. The system works to encourage compliance with organizational practices and ensure patient safety.

Clinical Information Management (CIM) Features

CIM Offers nurses a single, convenient place to document patient care. The application enables the users to directly enter the assessments of the patients and their progress along with vital signs, intake/ output values and the procedures followed by the caregivers during the day.
CIM improves the work management flow as the communication system alerts the particular department. Users can enter orders for all patient types (e.g. inpatients, outpatients, residents, etc.)
CIM documents and reviews patient's test results, diagnosis and treatments along with medication based on pre-defined templates
CIM integrates and streamlines data collection from lab, pharmacy, medical records and billing in order to have a consolidated data relating to clinical performance
Sends Alerts to users at the point of care to help them be aware, up-to-date with the essential information that requires their attention
CIM provides physicians a single and clear access to patient information at his / her convenience. Physicians can access the vital information in the patient's electronic medical record, place orders, print reports, and view, edit or electronically sign transcribed documents. It also allows the physicians to have a direct access to the information and functions accessed by them every day to treat the patients.
CIM also helps the healthcare providers to verify the necessary healthcare procedures for patients based on their age, gender, and diagnosis; ensuring patients receive consistent care for routine wellness and chronic illness treatment.

Benefits of Clinical Information Management CIM:

Supports better clinical decision making
Automates clinical documentation like vitals, progress notes, nursing, etc
Establishes an electronic paperless record
Integrates to legacy systems and improves workflows
Improves coordination between various departments
Provides real-time access to data and decision support
Minimizes duplicated data entry or prospective handwritten errors
Reduces misinterpretation from lack of standardization
Maintains cost effective clinical information management
Easily generates a complete audit that helps for better patient care quality assessment
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Hospital Information Management Software
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