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Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) Components

Patient Billing

Patient billing integrates with all clinical and administrative modules: Outpatient, Inpatient, Laboratory, Radiology, Diet & Nutrition, Pharmacy, etc.
Periodic billing for in-patient
Billing at visit or service level for out-patient
Billing for national health insurance systems.
Setup charges for various services based on tariff code. Each patient is identified with a tariff code based on payment class (direct payment/insurance/company)
Manual entry of charge items
Generate invoices/letters as required to notify/pursue receivables

HRM (Human Resource Management) & Payroll

Maintenance of employee bio-data : name, address, age, sex, qualifications (academic and professional), license registration numbers if applicable, experience, post held, employment history
Leave records : nature of leave, duration
Support an appraisal and evaluation system that is flexible and is defined by job title and job descriptions
Duty Roster
Absentee Percentage and report generation
Holidays & Leave information
OT & Night Duty Allowance information
Daily requirement of Staff department wise
Interface with time recording machines or other methods of recording attendance at work
Absentee Percentage and report generation
Holidays & Leave information
Setup fixed and variable allowances and deductions each grade
Setup salary for each employee based on grade
Generation of Payroll based on days worked for each employee, calculation of OT & Night Duty allowance
Pay slips

Management Information Services (MIS) Reports

List of Patients Registered OPD/ IPD daily, across date range, Monthly
List of Patients consulting Doctor wise
Investigations Report
List of Tests Carried out Daily, across date range
List of Emergency cases Treated in Casualty – Monthly or across date range
Department wise/ Unit wise Billing Report
Incidence of diseases- ICD coded
Incidence of diseases- Age wise
Stock Statement
  Material Requisitions
  Material Issues Report
  Consolidated Hospital incomes from various Departments/ Unit Report
  Inquiry on Billing rates for various Services
  Purchases & Return Statement
  Other required reports
Some of the benefits that the hospital would experience upon implementation of the HMIS are as follows:


The application will be completely modular, enabling phased implementation of the core system modules – registration and security & administration – with any combination of the other modules.

Security/ Confidentiality of the Data

The application provides totally secure environment:
Different authorization levels for access and use.
Different levels of accessibility at the file, record and field levels.
It logs attempts to breach the security restrictions.

Multi-User Support

It provides simultaneous record retrieval access to any number of users, with the necessary record locking.

Recovery of Data/Transaction Logging and Recovery

The application enables setting up a duplicate database and updating it throughout the normal operations of the system. In case of a failure of any of the two databases, the system will be able to continue to operate uninterrupted.

Data Capture Facilities

It supports automated data capture, through interfaces to bar-code readers, on-line analyzers, and image digitizers/scanners.

Specific Standards

The application operates in a local network / wide area network, and intranet / internet environment.
The HMIS will be developed using .NET as front end flexible to support Oracle or SQL.
System will have a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
If what you've read about our HMIS software, matches your requirements, then contact Binary Spectrum.
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