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Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) Components

Accident & Emergency
The system records following details:
Diagnosis code
Patient history
Date and time of visit
Reason for attendance
road traffic accident
work related accident
Other reason – facility to write
Patient condition on arrival
Payment status : Direct/company/ insurance
Source of referral – PHC, doctor, etc
Consulting doctor
Order Entry
Laboratory/ Radiology investigations
Access results from radiology and LAB
Treatment analysis
Diagnosis, ICD code, Case Sheet
Vital signs
Post Consultation System enables following function:
Refer to in-patient department for admissions
Book important dates for assessments, treatments, repeat visits

Inpatient & Nursing

IP Admissions
Patient Admission
Record advance payment
Source of referral – PHC, doctor, hospital
Ward allotment
Bed allotment
Consulting doctor
Nursing & Ward Management
Staff roster and workforce management
Based on ICD10 coding, provide
procedure guidelines for various conditions
nurse resource requirements
care plans reflecting the age of the patient
dietary restrictions
Bed Transfer /Bed Release
Bed transfers/ release information
Access to Medical Record : patient history, medication, allergies, prescriptions and current hospital doctor
Examination by the Doctor
Record Prescription by doctor
Order Lab investigation
Access Lab results
Record diagnosis, ICD code
Nurse can record medication, IV Fluids, injections administered
Record TPR chart
Shift Report
Daily and Monthly Census

Medical Records

HIS enables the initial definition of a core, or a minimum data set of a patient record, according to a specified Minimum Data Set.
Unique identifier;
Date and time of contact;
Where (e.g. health center, hospital, inpatient care, emergency, home visit;...
Health problem
Type of care provided (medical intervention);
Medication provided (by class or specific type); and
Monitoring all clinical data of patients, retrieval / provision for medical record data, maintenance of ICD and CPT information.
An abstract of clinical data about patients.
Retrieval of medical records and maintenance of ICD information.
Reports generation on various parameters such as ICD, age, sex, and duration of stay.
Patients' bed and ward transfers.
Patients' physical measurements, vital signs, and other physical data.
Patients' present illness
The past history section relating to patients' previous surgery, allergies, medication history and diseases
Patients' surgical records including all surgical procedures


Multiple pharmacies can maintained, e.g., OP Pharmacy, IP Pharmacy
Maintains details pertaining to all the pharmaceutical and other general medical items available in the hospital.
Generate indents
Entry of prescriptions and medication orders at outpatient clinics or wards
display other drugs currently taken by the patient flag up any drug interactions/contra-indications/over dosage/special instructions etc
Entry of prescriptions by pharmacists in the pharmacy.
Dispensing against prescription
automatic selection of the earliest expiring batches
Stock Returns
Online updating of stock quantity
Generate stock status reports based on multiple parameters like expiry date, stock-outs, over-stocked items
Register for controlled drugs and narcotics


System provides support for automation of various clinical investigations done at the hospital like Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Cytology
Enables entry of Test Request from any department like OP, IP or LAB
Tests can be entered as codes for both individual tests and panels, and enable requests for multiple item tests or test groups for a patient.
Parameterization of Lab Tests
Source Codes
Consultant Codes
Specimen Type Codes
Request comments
Result comments
Individual/Group test codes
Individual/Group test codes
Referred laboratory codes
Work lists Result Entry and Validation
Provides for entry of results, directly from automated, DICOM compliant analyzers or manually by patient registration No., test code, or work list.
Integrated with patient billing


Scheduling of examinations for inpatients, casualties and outpatients
Maintains status and the results of various Radiology investigations done at the hospital like X – Ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultra Sound, etc.
Result entry either in the form of free text or modification of standard templates
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