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Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) Modules

Binary Spectrum’s HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM consists of the following modules, sub modules and functionalities:

Patient Management

Master Patient Index / Registration

  • Patient Registration – System generates unique registration number and captures the following data:
    Contact telephone
    Date of Birth/Age
    Blood Group
    Passport No. or ID No.
  • Registration of newborn babies that includes default information from the mother's record
  • System generates ID card and provides bar coded/printed patient labels

Appointment Scheduling

  • Setting up schedule for consultants by days of weeks and time slots
  • Booking OP Appointment
  • Modify Appointment

Out Patient Consultation
Appointment Scheduling

  • Setting up schedule for doctors by days of weeks and time slots
  • Booking of OP Appointment
  • Modify Appointment
  • Record new or repeat visit
  • OP Consultation charges based on consulting doctor and visit number

Patient Visit
During patient visit, following data is captured by reception

  • Referring Doctor/Hospital details
  • Blood group
  • Mode of payment of the patient (like cash/ cheque/ DD/Company/Insurance)
  • Check consultant’s availability and change if required
  • Cancellation of visit (if required) and refund of charges
  • Patient history

OP Module includes following functions for the consulting doctor

  • Access to patient medical record including previous visit records
  • Order Entry
  • Laboratory/ Radiology investigations
  • Prescription
  • Access results from radiology and LAB
  • Treatment analysis
  • Diagnosis, ICD code, Case Sheet
  • Vital signs

Post Consultation
System enables following function

  • Refer OP cases to in-patient department for admissions
  • Refer to hospital admissions for day case treatment
  • Book important dates for assessments, treatments, repeat visits


If what you've read about our HMIS software, matches your requirements, then contact Binary Spectrum.

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