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Ophthalmology EMR

Abstract: The core of ophthalmology framework is driven by the needs of practicing ophthalmologists. Having comprehended this need well, Binary Spectrum structures out Ophthalmology EMR that is today being successfully being implemented by chain of ophthalmological hospitals.

Ophthalmology framework is specifically designed with the objective to enhance the practice of eye medicine. The framework assists ophthalmologists in better operational management and risk management. Binary Spectrum’s Ophthalmology framework addresses these personalized needs and includes highlights Visual Acuity, Preliminary Examination, Dilatation, Fundus Examination, Refraction and Final Examination.

The comprehensive workflow takes into consideration the visual acuity test to identify the person’s distance vision readings. The Preliminary Examination includes slit lamp examination to check the various parts of the human eye through a built-in system within the device consisting of an Illumination system and a binocular observation system. Anterior and Posterior parts are tested under this. Some of the preferred cases for Slit lamp exams are Cataract patients, Postoperative cases, Congested eye, intraocular inflammation, Eye injury, etc. Dilatation conducted is recorded. Under this, a person’s age too plays a major role.

Fundus examination tests the inner surfaces of the eye using Ophthalmoscope or Fundus camera. In addition, Refraction is recorded to help prescribe the best corrective lens. Final examination involves differential diagnosis, clinical diagnosis and final diagnosis that records prescription, lens prescription, surgery and Lasik counseling.

The major workflow mapping involves dominant imaging modules, protocols, PACS and records like Low Vision, Orbit, Cataract, Retina, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Amblyopic, etc to name a few. Devices used for the process includes autorefractometer, keratometer, non contact tonometer, A-scan and central fields.  The key of the entire solution however has been the HL7 integration. With the implementation soon to replace the popular chain of ophthalmological hospitals in India, Binary Spectrum provides the apt solution for effective eye care management. The key of this implementation however has been the HL7 integration.


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