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Who would take the responsibility of implementing an EMR?


There is also a need to know the team involved in such a transformation and the time they would require in implementing an EMR. Most organizations would have a specialized team who would undertake such a responsibility. However, small scaled hospitals and clinics may not have such a facility of a dedicated team. In such cases, they may have to themselves get involved in research work and implementation. Irrespective of the type of practice, the person involved would need to be committed towards accepting such a change.

The doctor, administrator and the office manager need to coordinate and track the implementation issues, deficiencies, decisions made, and tasks assigned. EMR implementation would be driven by the IT team as well, who would be able to connect to such a cause of implementation. The team could develop a comprehensive data which includes details like organizational workflows and processes, hardware installations, software configuration, ways to enter old patient data into the new EMR system, developing a backup system, training to be provided, etc. Aspects like goals, budgets and timelines needs to be taken care of.


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