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What to look for in an EMR?


In order to help oneself in judging the most appropriate EMR for your practice, it is indeed helpful if various aspects relating to EMR are scrutinized. There would be a need to document EMR requirements, conduct hardware requirement analysis, choose between a client-server based model and a web based model, check the affordable cost that could be invested in such an implementation,  certify its CCHIT, HIPAA and HL7 compliance, validate the vendor’s clients list and check the featured modules that  your practice would require.

EMR will usually be supported by certain key features like: Scheduling, Patient Demographics, Clinical Information, Prescriptions, Document Management and Billing. Apart from these, it would be valuable to check any other specific feature that would form a major part of your practice enhancement.

The overview of all the aspects that needs to be evaluated is shown as follows:



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