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April 01, 2008

Interoperability of Healthcare Records




With growing number of Healthcare product vendors and solutions out there in the market place there is a growing need to streamline how healthcare records are managed across care providers using heterogeneous EMR/EHR products.


Are all the products adhering to standards and protocols to ensure seamless portability of data between systems?


With a certifying body like CCHIT defining processes and standards for products to adhere, the stability and manageability of porting information between systems is only getting better as CCHIT requires all certified products to comply to certain communication protocol standards such as HL7.


However more needs to be done it terms of ensuring usage of terminology databases such as SNOMED, LOINC.,etc





SOA and Healthcare


Service Oriented Architecture and its relevance to Healthcare domain is significant as Healthcare practices across providers tends to be very different though at a high level they could share common goals and regulation. These differences are noticed even with the same entity.


Hence SOA provides flexibility for processes to be orchestrated and mapped to common components giving the Healthcare provider the option to customize their practices at will.