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Technology and Preventive Health Care


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Preventive Health Care is the key given the drive to bring down the raising health care, Insurance payers are more focused than ever towards paying incentives to providers and plan holders to pay more attention towards direction.

Given this it is important for Health Care vendors or technology providers to provide workflows and alerts in the software to enhance and innovate ways through which preventive health care is driving the care.

To make this happen the EMR or to be precise the charting process needs to see how it could tie the family and social history of the medical record of a patient to alert the physician potentially about the possible preventive measures like diet, tests that the patient must go through to well ahead of time to avoid potential risks.

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Great to see technology being used to assist preventive health!

That’s nice to once and for all locate a site where the blogger knows what they are talking about.

After searching for this information, I will have to say most people agree with you on this topic.

Well the health care bill passed, not sure what to make of it as I am not really sure what is in it. I think health care needs reform just not sure this is what will do it. Thanks for the article in your blog, hope to make it back here again.

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Really interesting articles. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing a nice information.

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