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E-Prescribing Overview

E-Prescribing is an electronic way to generate prescriptions through an automated data-entry process utilizing e-prescribing software or an EMR and a transmission network which links to participating pharmacies. E-Prescribing has been described as the solution to improve patient safety and reducing medication costs. It is estimated that approximately 7,000 deaths occur each year in the US due to medication errors. These errors are mainly due to hand-writing illegibility, wrong dosing, missed drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions. With approximately 3 billion prescriptions written annually, which constitutes of the largest paper-based processes in the US, the writing or prescriptions can be streamlined and efficient by using an e-prescribing system.
Benefits of E-Prescribing:

  • Improved patient safety and overall quality of care
  • Reduces or eliminates phone calls and call-backs to pharmacies
  • Eliminates faxes to pharmacies
  • Streamlines the refill’s requests and authorization processesIncreases patient compliance
  • Improves Formulary adherence
  • Increases patient convenience by reducing patient trips to the pharmacy and reducing wait times
  • Offers true Provider Mobility
  • Improves reporting ability


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