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EMR Implementation Plan - Six Stages Road Map

Any plans of implementing an EHR system at your practice?
If yes, then you might want to know more about the stages involved.
From an Information Technology point of view, there are six stages in the implementation road map.
Stages in EMR Implementation plan
Let's examine each stage and develop the frame work of a road map. A Project team represented by staff with the appropriate skills is formed and team meetings are conducted on a regular basis. These team meetings continue throughout the six stages of EMR implementation.

EMR Implementation Plan Stage 1: Assessment

The first stage comprises of Assessment which helps prepare the practice for the implementation by undertaking a Practice Readiness Assessment. This includes the profile of a Practice in terms of IT. Further, an assessment of the office staff is usually conducted as an Assessment Survey. A Hardware requirement analysis is also carried out at this stage.

EMR Implementation Plan Stage 2: Planning

The practice data collected in the previous stage (Practice Readiness Assessment, Practice profile IT & Office staff skills survey) is carefully reviewed and based on this, the electronic health records implementation goals are defined and improvement opportunities are identified and targeted.

EMR Implementation Plan Stage 3: Selection

EHR system's requirements are defined based on the above Implementation plan. This covers the EHR system configuration, selection process and details of the goals that are archived based on the selection. The EHR system is selected in this stage.

EMR Implementation Plan Stage 4: Implementation

An EHR system implementation plan is created and the time lines for the implementation are agreed upon with the vendor. The implementation plan includes details on Installation and configuration of Hardware and EHR system software. Staff training program is initiated and System testing follows. The staff begins to use the EHR system. A journal of experience and processes is maintained.

EMR Implementation Plan Stage 5: Evaluation

The Evaluation stage involves the post implementation review to be conducted and the Journal of experience and processes is updated. The performance measures created during the planning phase are validated and an improvement plan is prepared.

EMR Implementation Plan Stage 6: Improvement

During this phase the EHR is modified to resolve issues encountered during the evaluation phase. Improvements as defined in the improvement plan are carried out.
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