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List of Case Studies

Patient Billing Solution – with clinical system integration
To develop a comprehensive billing application that ensures efficient charge creation and timely payments for our clients with integration to clinical systems.
Patient Billing Solutions
Electronic Claim and Member Management for Health Management Office
To enhance efficiency of the claim processing process and aid in growth plans through increased throughput and scalability.
Patient Billing and Coding Solution for Practice Management Software
To develop a comprehensive billing solution for US healthcare practices meeting CMS, NUCC, HIPAA regulatory standards and Insurance company's policies and processing requirements.
HL7 integration: Folder based Approach
The requirement was to bridge two heterogeneous systems to ensure seamless information flow between either of them. Binary Spectrum proposed a solution that would implement a folder based approach using the HL7 format to sync the data between the practice Management System and the Electronic Medical records applications in terms of Patients, Scheduling, Charting and Charges for the exchange
HL7 integration: TCP/IP based Approach
Our client wanted us to bridge the information gap between the client server driven based practice Management System (PMS) and the web based Electronic Medical records applications that were being currently used at the practice. Binary Spectrum proposed designed and implemented an exchange of data between the between the practice Management System (PMS) and the Electronic Medical records (EMR) applications using an HL7 Format based TCP/IP based approach to bridge the information gap.
HL7 integration: Manual Charge File Approach
The client wanted us to only send across charges from the Electronic Medical Record application to Practice Management System for sending the claims to the clearing House. Binary Spectrum created an Excel File Upload component to select the desired charge file which was to be sent. A HL7 parser was then was used to create Charge files and save the same in a charge folder. An import service then picked up these files and placed them in the PMS.
Medical Transcription Management System
The requirement was to develop an online portal that provides a platform where "practices" and Medical transcription companies can interact and do business. Binary's solution helped enable transcription services online over the Web by providing an admin module which enables account management, transcription provider management, and user management synchronization, while providing listing and analytical reports and an integrated billing system.
Changed Data Capture
A leading Health Care Group had millions of records of member/plan/fund information coming from various insurance payers in different proprietary format and structure making it very difficult to get the reports in required formats for them to make instant decisions and approvals. Binary Spectrum used Oracle Data integrators and Oracle CDC to pass the integrated data into the data warehouse from where the formatted reports are published to the decision makers.
HIPAA Transactions: Authorization Management System
Binary Spectrum's solution for an Oncology Center was to migrate, the patient's details from the Practice Management Software and allow the encounter to be recorded on their implementation. This enabled the calculation of the BSA (body surface area) values to generate the dosages for the drug administration. CPT and Diagnosis management was also made available. By importing data from a mixture of sources Binary spectrum implemented faxing of form for each individual IPA in its own distinctive format.
Client Scheduling
Binary Spectrum developed and deployed a scheduler for the client, which is customized with a few features like reports and scheduling private events, as per the client's requirements.
A Template Management System
Binary Spectrum devised a template manager for the client to design UI layouts with different data elements depending on their specialty as the client had physicians of different specialty; hence the template manger had to be dynamically designed UI and data elements.
Integrated an EMR System with Billing Module
Binary Spectrum's solution for an Oncology Healthcare Practice was to provide integration with the UI scrubbing capability through which data exchange was validate and integrated a centralized web based audit trail logging system; to manage messages going back and forth.
Automated Patient Portal
Binary Spectrum developed an "Automated Patient Portal" for allowing patients to have an interaction with his/her physician(s). It also helps the patient to go about their medical procedures with much ease by using this automated portal at a minimal cost.
Client - Server Based EMR
Binary Spectrum developed a truly integrated Electronic medical records system with Practice Management and PDA / Tablet PC functionality. Binary's Solution was to develop a single server system that was capable of serving a number of remote clients.
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