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J2ME Mobile Application

For the wireless web world
Binary Spectrum's J2ME capabilities have been showcased for mobile computing and comprises of wireless file sharing products for the mobile world. Our innovative software packages allows mobile users to share music, video, games and more seamlessly over dynamic peer-to-peer networks.
The following are some of the major projects undertaken under J2ME capability:
Developed J2ME applications which are portable to all mobile phone models (only the ones that support java)
Developed J2ME applications for phone to phone communications via Bluetooth
Developed application which will discover Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and lists the songs stored in particular folder thereby assisting users in selecting and downloading any song from the list
File Manager
File Manager keeps track of Files and Folders with File Operations. We can send the file to other devices via Bluetooth and maintaining the counter on Files.
User can set the file sharing permissions.
How can I transfer a File through Mobile? Large files can be transferred (depends on phone memory)
Search Engine
Search engine searches all Bluetooth enabled devices within range (within one piconet). User can search particular device based on its ID or Name. Similarly user can search particular song, album by providing song Name or album Name or Artist name as input.
File Transfer
Once the songs are listed out using search functionality, the user can select and copy the song from the source device via Bluetooth.
User can use the built-in player to play any selected or received song. Player has the options like stop, pause, continue, replay, next/previous song, etc
Attach Advertisement with song
Advertisements will be attached with the songs randomly. i.e. select random song and bind it with randomly selected advertise.
Ease of use. Just install, run, and search.
Ability to search by artist, title, genre, or other meta-information.
Simple multiple search tabbed interface.
Bit torrent downloads from multiple hosts help you get files faster.
Automatically connects when started.
Compatible with most mobile phones.
J2ME Mobile Application J2ME – For developing the application.
OBEX Communication protocol – For facilitating the exchange of songs.
Reference Client
Client: WormWire
WormWire Inc is providing the next generation of wireless file sharing products for the mobile world. WormWire Inc was founded in October, 2005 to develop the next generation of wireless peer-to-peer technologies that will transform the way people use and share music, games, video and more.
Well if you are interested in outsourcing software development or would like to find out more about our services and offerings, please get in touch with us. A senior member of our Business team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
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