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Case Study of a Template Manager

An healthcare group situated in the United States of America.
The Task
The client needed a template manager to record charting of all their patients depending on the physician's specialty. This should be easy to maintain and confidential information pertaining to the patient needed to be secure.
The Solution
Binary Spectrum devised a template manager for the client to design UI layouts with different data elements depending on their specialty as the client had physicians of different specialty; hence the template manger had to be dynamically designed UI and data elements.
The Result
Binary spectrum developed a template manager which had features such as creating a template that enabled the physician to save patient information as required.
The physician logging into the EMR creates his/her own template which he/her can easily configure, by an easy drag and drop feature for choosing the template format and the components of the template from SNOMED which allows choosing clinical terminology depending on the physician's specialty.
The template manager is accessible by the physician when he logs into the EMR, this way the physician could save the patient data on the template at his convenience, anytime, anywhere. These templates are then saved in the EMR.
This template manger has varied features as it allows the physician to maintain data according to the patient past illness .which is another easy way to access the patient information and template in case of emergency.
Features of Template manager
Template manager is categorized in specialty EMR enabling a physician to create one's own requirement which would be one EMR with multi-functionality. This allows the physician to log into the EMR and create his work sheet or a template based on his requirement depending on the type and size of his information storage strategy.
The physician has the option to drag and drop a easy access to create one's own template to manage patient data and records.
The physician can easily create his templates depending on his choices as the drag and drop features allow him to choose and create a template for his requirement choosing from, the column design to the text size and length, making it easy for the physicians to easily choose and create a template of their own at ease.
The physician has the option to choose the components for the template from SNOMED.
Depending on the physician's specialty the physician could choose and customize the template to their requirement with a wide range of clinical components chosen from SNOMED.
The physician could choose from different templates created for the EMR depending on the HPI (history of past illness).
The application allows the physician to customize the templates as per their requirement depending on the HPI for efficient ways of saving patient data for easy access to this information at their convenience as these templates are created by the physician and has an easy access to the information.
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