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HL7 integration: Manual Charge File Approach -
Case Studies

A healthcare group situated in the United States of America.
The Task
This clients requirement was a unique and challenging requirement as they wanted us to only send across charges from the Electronic Medical Record application to Practice Management System for sending the claims to the clearing House. Needless to say that the solution needed to be user friendly and secure as it would be handing sensitive patient information.
The Solution
What was challenging about this requirement was that the “charge file” from the Electronic Medical Record application was being exported in an Excel File Format, and the client also wanted the option of manually selecting the charge file. Binary spectrum implemented this using an Excel File upload component, an HL7 parser and an import file watch service to place the charge files into PMS.
The Result
After finalizing the format of the Excel sheet that was being exported by the EMR application, Binary Spectrum created an Excel File Upload component to select the desired charge file which was to be sent. A HL7 parser was then was used to create Charge files and save the same in a a charge folder. An import service then picked up these files and placed them in the PMS.
Using Binary Spectrum’s solution the client was able to enjoy the benefits of his EMR and effortlessly select these files charges manually and place them in the Practice management System.
Security features were implemented as part of the design.
A user friendly interface was incorporated.
Technologies and Standards
TCP/IP protocols
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