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Client - Server Based EMR - Case Study

A Healthcare center situated in the United States of America.
The Task
To develop a truly integrated Electronic medical records system with Practice Management and PDA / Tablet PC functionality. The scope of the proposed system included
Manage daily schedule and view patients waiting
Pull forward relevant data from previous visit
Capture chief complaint, history of present illness for physician’s access
Instantly share chart information throughout the practice
Receive medication interaction and allergy alerts
Track charts and organize charts to review
Prescription Management
The Advantage
The information is stored electronically so paper work is completely made obsolete.
The entire healthcare system within a practice is automatized.
A single server running on a system can serve remote client/clients.
Huge paper work is reduced /eliminated.
The manual errors is reduced /eliminated.
Minimum effort and time required with ease of usage.
Binary Solution
The Binary Solution was to develop a single server system that was capable of serving a number of remote clients. Some of the major features incorporated are:
Appointment Scheduler
The appointment scheduler which takes charge of your appointment tracking, fixing and blocking.
Insurance Eligibility Check
to take care of the vital process of checking patient’s insurance eligibility often results in billing errors, insurance coverage concerns and delays.
Specialty EMR
The Electronic Medical Record software (EMR) aimed at automating and simplifying the patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process.
Chief Complain (CC) Reason for Consultation (RFC)
for recording a patient’s decease symptoms.
History of Present Illness (HPI)
The HPI is the history of the patient’s chief complaint.
Medication Reviewer
is a complete list of all medications that the patient is on or had been taking at some point
Allergy List
This is a list of all the patient’s allergies.
Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, Screening (PMSS)
This is a list of all the past surgery and medical issues that the patient has been treated for.
Social History
This is a list of all social or habits the patient has.
Family History
The complete family history is captured.
A complete list of all immunizations that the patient has had.
Review of System (ROS)
The ROS is a complete review of body systems with the patient, usually done by the nurse.
Document Management
The Document Manager allows the medical institution to store vital patient documents such as X-Ray’s, Paper Reports, and Lab Reports etc.
Prescription Writer
to streamline the entire prescription writing process making it simple, fast and effective.
Lab Order Integration
the Lab Order Entry Interface synchronizes lab results with patient records.
Medical Transcription
A PDA-compliant medical transcription system that manages the transcription cycle from the beginning to end by integrating voice recording, digital scripting, delivery of voice files to the medical transcriptionist and final transcript receipt.
Patient Reminder
works for the benefit of the doctor as well as the patient as an interactive voice technology system, which automatically calls and gives the patient appointment specific information.
Medical Calculators
A diverse range of Medical Calculators that allows the medical practitioner to make rapid, accurate calculations within seconds, with the focus on “evidence based medicine”.
Technologies and Standards
The proposed system was developed using:
Dot net framework version 2.0 for development
SQL Server 2005 for database
Web services for integrations
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